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FSTProcessor Class Reference

#include <fst_processor.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Class that implements the FST-based modules of the system

Definition at line 51 of file fst_processor.h.

Public Member Functions

void analysis (FILE *input=stdin, FILE *output=stdout)
wstring biltrans (wstring const &input_word, bool with_delim=true)
wstring biltransWithoutQueue (wstring const &input_word, bool with_delim=true)
pair< wstring, int > biltransWithQueue (wstring const &input_word, bool with_delim=true)
void generation (FILE *input=stdin, FILE *output=stdout, GenerationMode mode=gm_unknown)
bool getNullFlush ()
void initAnalysis ()
void initBiltrans ()
void initGeneration ()
void initPostgeneration ()
void initSAO ()
void initTMAnalysis ()
void load (FILE *input)
void postgeneration (FILE *input=stdin, FILE *output=stdout)
void SAO (FILE *input=stdin, FILE *output=stdout)
void setCaseSensitiveMode (bool const value)
void setNullFlush (bool const value)
void tm_analysis (FILE *input=stdin, FILE *output=stdout)
void transliteration (FILE *input=stdin, FILE *output=stdout)
bool valid () const

Private Member Functions

void analysis_wrapper_null_flush (FILE *input, FILE *output)
void calcInitial ()
void classifyFinals ()
size_t firstNotAlpha (wstring const &sf)
void flushBlanks (FILE *output)
void generation_wrapper_null_flush (FILE *input, FILE *output, GenerationMode mode)
bool isAlphabetic (wchar_t const c) const
bool isEscaped (wchar_t const c) const
unsigned int lastBlank (wstring const &str)
void postgeneration_wrapper_null_flush (FILE *input, FILE *output)
void printSAOWord (wstring const &lf, FILE *output)
void printSpace (wchar_t const val, FILE *output)
void printUnknownWord (wstring const &sf, FILE *output)
void printWord (wstring const &sf, wstring const &lf, FILE *output)
int readAnalysis (FILE *input)
wchar_t readEscaped (FILE *input)
wstring readFullBlock (FILE *input, wchar_t const delim1, wchar_t const delim2)
int readGeneration (FILE *input, FILE *output)
int readPostgeneration (FILE *input)
int readSAO (FILE *input)
int readTMAnalysis (FILE *input)
void skipUntil (FILE *input, FILE *output, wint_t const character)
void streamError ()
void transliteration_wrapper_null_flush (FILE *input, FILE *output)
void writeEscaped (wstring const &str, FILE *output)

Static Private Member Functions

static bool endsWith (wstring const &str, wstring const &suffix)
static wstring removeTags (wstring const &str)

Private Attributes

set< Node * > all_finals
Alphabet alphabet
set< wchar_t > alphabetic_chars
queue< wstring > blankqueue
bool caseSensitive
State current_state
set< wchar_t > escaped_chars
set< Node * > inconditional
State initial_state
Buffer< int > input_buffer
bool isLastBlankTM
bool nullFlush
vector< wstring > numbers
bool outOfWord
set< Node * > postblank
set< Node * > preblank
Node root
set< Node * > standard
map< wstring, TransExe, Ltstr > transducers

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