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EntryToken Class Reference

#include <entry_token.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 EntryToken ()
 EntryToken (EntryToken const &e)
bool isParadigm () const
bool isRegexp () const
bool isSingleTransduction () const
list< int > const & left () const
EntryTokenoperator= (EntryToken const &e)
wstring const & paradigmName () const
wstring const & regExp () const
list< int > const & right () const
void setParadigm (wstring const &np)
void setRegexp (wstring const &r)
void setSingleTransduction (list< int > const &pi, list< int > const &pd)
 ~EntryToken ()

Private Types

enum  Type { paradigm, single_transduction, regexp }

Private Member Functions

void copy (EntryToken const &e)
void destroy ()

Private Attributes

list< int > leftSide
wstring myregexp
wstring parName
list< int > rightSide
Type type

Detailed Description

This is a "Compiler" helper class, to store the parts of each entry before combining it to build the transducer being "compiled".

Definition at line 32 of file entry_token.h.

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