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wstring FSTProcessor::readFullBlock ( FILE *  input,
wchar_t const   delim1,
wchar_t const   delim2 
) [private]

Reads a block from the stream input, enclosed by delim1 and delim2

input the stream being read
delim1 the delimiter of the beginning of the sequence
delim1 the delimiter of the end of the sequence

Definition at line 71 of file fst_processor.cc.

References readEscaped(), and streamError().

Referenced by readAnalysis(), readGeneration(), readPostgeneration(), and readSAO().

  wstring result = L"";
  result += delim1;
  wchar_t c = delim1;

  while(!feof(input) && c != delim2)
    c = static_cast<wchar_t>(fgetwc_unlocked(input));
    result += c;
    if(c != L'\\')
      result += static_cast<wchar_t>(readEscaped(input));

  if(c != delim2)

  return result;

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