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Compiler Class Reference

#include <compiler.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

A compiler of dictionaries to letter transducers

Definition at line 38 of file compiler.h.

Public Member Functions

 Compiler ()
void parse (string const &fichero, wstring const &dir)
void write (FILE *fd)
 ~Compiler ()

Static Public Attributes

static wstring const COMPILER_ALPHABET_ELEM = L"alphabet"
static wstring const COMPILER_BLANK_ELEM = L"b"
static wstring const COMPILER_DICTIONARY_ELEM = L"dictionary"
static wstring const COMPILER_ENTRY_ELEM = L"e"
static wstring const COMPILER_GROUP_ELEM = L"g"
static wstring const COMPILER_ID_ATTR = L"id"
static wstring const COMPILER_IDENTITY_ELEM = L"i"
static wstring const COMPILER_IGNORE_ATTR = L"i"
static wstring const COMPILER_IGNORE_YES_VAL = L"yes"
static wstring const COMPILER_JOIN_ELEM = L"j"
static wstring const COMPILER_LEFT_ELEM = L"l"
static wstring const COMPILER_LEMMA_ATTR = L"lm"
static wstring const COMPILER_N_ATTR = L"n"
static wstring const COMPILER_PAIR_ELEM = L"p"
static wstring const COMPILER_PAR_ELEM = L"par"
static wstring const COMPILER_PARDEF_ELEM = L"pardef"
static wstring const COMPILER_PARDEFS_ELEM = L"pardefs"
static wstring const COMPILER_POSTGENERATOR_ELEM = L"a"
static wstring const COMPILER_REGEXP_ELEM = L"re"
static wstring const COMPILER_RESTRICTION_ATTR = L"r"
static wstring const COMPILER_RESTRICTION_LR_VAL = L"LR"
static wstring const COMPILER_RESTRICTION_RL_VAL = L"RL"
static wstring const COMPILER_RIGHT_ELEM = L"r"
static wstring const COMPILER_S_ELEM = L"s"
static wstring const COMPILER_SDEF_ELEM = L"sdef"
static wstring const COMPILER_SDEFS_ELEM = L"sdefs"
static wstring const COMPILER_SECTION_ELEM = L"section"
static wstring const COMPILER_TYPE_ATTR = L"type"

Private Member Functions

bool allBlanks ()
wstring attrib (wstring const &name)
void insertEntryTokens (vector< EntryToken > const &elements)
int matchTransduction (list< int > const &lp, list< int > const &rp, int state, Transducer &t)
void procAlphabet ()
void procEntry ()
EntryToken procIdentity ()
void procNode ()
EntryToken procPar ()
void procParDef ()
EntryToken procRegexp ()
void procSDef ()
void procSection ()
EntryToken procTransduction ()
void readString (list< int > &result, wstring const &name)
void requireAttribute (wstring const &value, wstring const &attrname, wstring const &elemname)
void requireEmptyError (wstring const &name)
void skip (wstring &name, wstring const &elem)
void skipBlanks (wstring &name)

Private Attributes

Alphabet alphabet
wstring current_paradigm
wstring current_section
wstring direction
wstring letters
map< wstring, Transducer, Ltstr > paradigms
map< wstring, map< wstring,
int, Ltstr >, Ltstr > 
map< wstring, map< wstring,
int, Ltstr >, Ltstr > 
xmlTextReaderPtr reader
map< wstring, Transducer, Ltstr > sections
map< wstring, map< wstring,
int, Ltstr >, Ltstr > 

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