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RegExpCompiler Class Reference

#include <RegExpCompiler.H>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Compiler that builds a transducer to identify regular expressions. This compiler is a recursive descendent parser (RDP).

Definition at line 36 of file RegExpCompiler.H.

Public Member Functions

void compile (string const &er)
TransducergetTransducer ()
void initialize (Alphabet const &a)
RegExpCompileroperator= (RegExpCompiler const &rec)
 RegExpCompiler (RegExpCompiler const &rec)
 RegExpCompiler ()
void setAlphabet (Alphabet const &a)
 ~RegExpCompiler ()

Private Member Functions

void Cola ()
void ColaLetra ()
void consume (int t)
void copy (RegExpCompiler const &rec)
void destroy ()
void Elem ()
void error ()
void errorConsuming (int const t)
void Esp ()
bool isReserved (int const t)
void Letra ()
void Lista ()
void Postop ()
void Reservado ()
void RExpr ()
void RExprp ()
void S ()
void Term ()

Private Attributes

Alphabet alphabet
set< int > brackets
string input
int letter
string postop
int state
int token
Transducer transducer

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