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MatchState Class Reference

#include <MatchState.H>

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Detailed Description

Class to represent the current state of transducer processing

Definition at line 34 of file MatchState.H.

Public Member Functions

int classifyFinals (map< MatchNode *, int > const &final_class) const
void clear ()
void debug ()
void init (MatchNode *initial)
 MatchState (MatchState const &s)
 MatchState ()
MatchStateoperator= (MatchState const &s)
int size () const
void step (int const input, int const alt)
void step (int const input)
 ~MatchState ()

Private Member Functions

void applySymbol (MatchNode *pnode, int const symbol)
void copy (MatchState const &s)
void destroy ()

Private Attributes

int first
int last
MatchNode ** state

Static Private Attributes

static int const BUF_LIMIT = 1024

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