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Transducer Class Reference

#include <Transducer.H>

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Detailed Description

Class to represent a letter transducer during the dictionary compilation

Definition at line 35 of file Transducer.H.

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
set< int > closure (int const state, int const epsilon_tag=0)
void determinize (int const epsilon_tag=0)
int getInitial () const
int insertNewSingleTransduction (int const tag, int const source)
int insertSingleTransduction (int const tag, int const source)
int insertTransducer (int const source, Transducer &t, int const epsilon_tag=0)
bool isEmpty (int const state) const
bool isEmpty () const
bool isFinal (int const state) const
void joinFinals (int const epsilon_tag=0)
void linkStates (int const source, int const target, int const tag)
void minimize (int const epsilon_tag=0)
int numberOfTransitions () const
void oneOrMore (int const epsilon_tag=0)
Transduceroperator= (Transducer const &t)
void optional (int const epsilon_tag=0)
void read (FILE *input)
void reverse (int const epsilon_tag=0)
void setFinal (int const state, bool value=true)
int size () const
 Transducer (Transducer const &t)
 Transducer ()
void write (FILE *output)
void zeroOrMore (int const epsilon_tag=0)
 ~Transducer ()

Private Member Functions

void copy (Transducer const &t)
void destroy ()
int newState ()

Static Private Member Functions

static bool isEmptyIntersection (set< int > const &s1, set< int > const &s2)

Private Attributes

set< int > finals
int initial
map< int, multimap< int, int > > transitions


class MatchExe

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