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EntryToken Member List

This is the complete list of members for EntryToken, including all inherited members.

copy(EntryToken const &e)EntryToken [private]
destroy()EntryToken [private]
EntryToken(EntryToken const &e)EntryToken
isParadigm() const EntryToken
isRegExp() const EntryToken
isSingleTransduction() const EntryToken
left() const EntryToken
leftSideEntryToken [private]
myregexpEntryToken [private]
operator=(EntryToken const &e)EntryToken
paradigm enum value (defined in EntryToken)EntryToken [private]
paradigmName() const EntryToken
parNameEntryToken [private]
regexp enum value (defined in EntryToken)EntryToken [private]
regExp() const EntryToken
right() const EntryToken
rightSideEntryToken [private]
setParadigm(string const &np)EntryToken
setRegExp(string const &r)EntryToken
setSingleTransduction(list< string > const &pi, list< string > const &pd)EntryToken
single_transduction enum value (defined in EntryToken)EntryToken [private]
typeEntryToken [private]
Type enum nameEntryToken [private]

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