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Buffer< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Buffer< T >, including all inherited members.

add(T const &value)Buffer< T > [inline]
add(void)Buffer< T > [inline]
back(unsigned int const posback)Buffer< T > [inline]
bufBuffer< T > [private]
Buffer(unsigned int const buf_size=2048)Buffer< T > [inline]
Buffer(Buffer const &b)Buffer< T > [inline]
copy(Buffer const &b) (defined in Buffer< T >)Buffer< T > [inline, private]
currentposBuffer< T > [private]
destroy() (defined in Buffer< T >)Buffer< T > [inline, private]
diffPostPos(unsigned int const postpos) const Buffer< T > [inline]
diffPrevPos(unsigned int const prevpos) const Buffer< T > [inline]
getPos() const Buffer< T > [inline]
isEmpty() const Buffer< T > [inline]
last() const Buffer< T > [inline]
lastposBuffer< T > [private]
next()Buffer< T > [inline]
operator=(Buffer const &b)Buffer< T > [inline]
setPos(unsigned int const newpos)Buffer< T > [inline]
sizeBuffer< T > [private]
~Buffer()Buffer< T > [inline]

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